“If I had a world of my own, everything would be non-sense - Madhatter” Are you a Geo aficionado? Do you live in your own earth of imagination? If you are an ardent fan of the geographical/ spatial phenomena happening around you, then here is your event “Geomadness”. An interesting event that you have ever seen!


  • GeoGeeks: Written prelims consisting of technical questions related to Geography,Satellites,Geology, Recent advancements in spatial technology.
  • Geo Riddler : “Find my riddles ,and when you fail to solve them and lie blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor you will know that ‘The Riddles’ is better than you.” You will be given satellite images and clues will be given in the form of riddles. The right place has to be identified in the image after solving the riddle.
  • 3) SPOT THE PLOT :
    We give out 3 things to each team:
    1. At least 5 aerial photos/ Google earth images of5 different places
    2. Co-ordinates of atleast 2 point features on each of those images
    3. One printed a4 sheet, with blank text boxes for each point feature name.
    The participants have to plot the coordinates on their images
    The participants have to identify what is the name of the point feature. Eg: Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower
    The participants have to fill out the a4 sheet. Each feature’s name’s each alphabet, in each box.
    The circled alphabets will have to unscrambled to form a one word answer for the final technical riddle.


  • Teams of 2 can only participate
  • Valid ID cards from recognized institution
  • Should have registered for Geo horizon - 2K17.


  • MAR 10 -: 12.00 PM-12.30 PM(ROUND 1)
  • 2.00 PM-3.00 PM (FINALS)