The Q-FIESTA is a general quiz event which provokes your logical thinking, presence of mind and analytical thinking by breaking the cage in which you are locked up.


  • ROUND-1:
    PART-A: First round is all about aptitude, reasoning and puzzle solving. It’s a pen and paper round.
    PART-B: This round is all about cracking the clues to find the answer. The contestants should have a better idea about the recent trends happening in the world and also have some general knowledge to get through this round.
  • ROUND-2:
    It is a cage-break round with a single general question. A representative from each team will be locked up in two rooms. The two rooms will be filled up with clues at some places. The contestants must search for the clues and inter-relate them to find the answer and break the cage.


  • It is a team event and should have three members per team.
  • The contestants are advised not to use mobile phones and internet during the event.
  • Valid ID cards from recognized institution


  • MAR 9 - : 1.45 PM- 2.30 PM(PRELIMS R-1 AND R-2)
  • MAR 10 -: 10.00 AM- 11.00 AM(FINALS)